In 2012 a new Council was elected:

Mayor Justin John Camilleri
Deputy Mayor Joseph Casha
Councillor Charmaine Gerada
Councillor Ramon Mangion
Councillor Christopher Cocker

Executive Secretary:             Mr. Arthur Perici


In 2011, the Isla Local Council twinned with Fara San Martino, Italy through the project “Sulle Tracce di Escher” and in 2003 with Cassino, Italy.

Senglea and its Local Council prouds itself of two prestigious awards:

  • The European Destination of Excellence  in Aquatic Tourism in Malta 2010 by the European Commission
  • The European Regional Champions Award 2008 – Knowing Each Other Better through Diversity in Association with European Union Committee of the Regions;


The L-Isla Local Council reached a protocol agreement with Anversa degli Abruzzi, Pescina, Scanno, Opi and Villa Lago.
A long-term cooperation agreement has been signed with Zarasai, Lithuania in 2012.

The Local Council has grown a strong membership with the: