Senglea welcomes EU conference delegates to celebrate maritime heritage

13 Sep 2013
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5th Maritime Senglea International Festival.

Two exhibitions, one by Italian artist Cari Privitera and the other by the Senglea Historical Society, formed part of the inauguration ceremony of the fifth Maritime Senglea International Festival on 4th September Square, l-Isla, in the evening of 12 September, 2013.

Silenzio is an exhibition by Sicilian sculptor Cari Privitera being held at La Vincitrice Band Club; Exodus put together by the Senglea Historical Society, is being held at the Catholic Action premises, both on 4th September Square. The evening was interspersed with a performance by the Latvia Daugavpils Vocal Group and the Maltese Folk Group Kantilena.

The festival was inaugurated by Dr Josè Herrera, Parliamentary Secretary for Culture and Local Government, who dwelt on Senglea’s strong maritime roots and the long-standing link between this promontory town and the sea. “I urge people from all over Malta, not just those who are from Senglea, to attend this festival and benefit from the rich offering of culture, entertainment and local delicacies that will be on offer this weekend,” Dr Herrera said.

Senglea Mayor Justin J. Camilleri delivered the introductory address, followed by the festival’s Artistic Director Joe Scerri, who outlined the major events of the festival, held under the aegis of European Destinations of Excellence and Aquatic Tourism Eden 2010.

The festival also received support from the European Commission’s Europe for Citizens Programme (Action 1 Measure 1.2 Networks of twinned towns), the Parliamentary Secretariat for Culture and Local Government, MEUSAC, Malta Tourism Authority and several local businesses, among which are Artsphere International, Bank of Valletta plc, Coca-Cola, Palumbo shipyard and superyacht facilities, Malta Maritime Pilots, Villa del Porto, John Ripard & Son (Shipping) Ltd, Green MT, Camper and Nicholsons, Grand Harbour Marina, Emmanuel Delicata Winemakers, Grimaldi and  Sullivan Maritime.

The Revival of Old Towns and Cities Conference, which kicks off a year-long European Union-funded project linking Senglea with towns in Italy, Latvia and Lithuania, is being held concurrently with the festival.

One of the guests at the inauguration commented on the impressive programme that had been put together: “Each year, Maritime Senglea gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our past and to enjoy the rich cultural offering that Senglea offers.”

Another observed: “The people of Senglea and beyond have come together and, as always, have risen to the occasion, enabling us to share our varied maritime heritage.”

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